Broken Record 3&6 Hr MTB Challenge Survey

Welcome to your Broken Record MTB After Race Survey!  Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions regarding the event.  Thank you for your time!

Participants Name

How was your experience at this event?

Were the volunteers helpful and pleasant?

Was the Race Director welcoming, helpful, and pleasant? If not, please state what she could work on, thank you!

For this event, where did you lodge or camp? Please name the motel/campgroup, thank you!

Did you eat at any of our local restaurants? If so, where?

Would you recommend this event to friends and or family to compete in next year?

Will you return to compete again for next year's event?

Please state any concerns, comments, or ideas that your may have for the RD for next year's event! Thank you, the RD will take all your suggestions in consideration.

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