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About Rocky Road Adventures… Hello there Adventure Seekers! I am Kristal Romans, owner and founder of Rocky Road Adventures. I live in Dry Valley, Nv, outside of the historical mining town, Pioche, Nv.
Some history behind me; I am a wife, mom, photographer, and an active runner. My husband, Jason and I, have been married for 22 years and have 2 kids, one is working hard at life skills like ranching, farming, milling, roping, racing, and future business owner.  The other is enlisted in the Army and currently serving her time at Fort Campbell, where she has graduated at Air Assault school.  I was trackster back in high school and loved every minute of running. When I became a wife and mom, I fell out the routine of running and exercise, always active but mainly just chasing my kids around the house, yard, and rodeo arenas ;-). In 2010, I had a run-in with cancer. Did several weeks of radiation and sleeping ;-). I decided after that to fight it with exercise! I got back into running with the help of my family and a great friend, Nino Toll, who had his own health issues and had lost over a 100 lbs just by running. His strength and determination drove me to do the same thing and wanted to fight my cancer with good health. I began to run in 2010 and have not stopped! I have competed in several local races, like Vegas and Utah areas. I have accomplished 14 half marathons, 3 of which were done in 3 consecutive days out in Valley of Fire State Park area, definitely not for the meek or timid. I have also accomplished a 100 mile road bike race in San Diego, Ca . My latest accomplishment has been jumping from half marathons to ultra-running, I finished my first trail ultra race in June of this year, 2019, 36 miles at the amazing Mount Charleston just outside of Las Vegas Nv.  My goal in ultra trail running now was to move pass the 36 mile mark and run 50 miles.  My second ultra trail run was a 55 mile attempt of the beautiful and not flat Ruby Mountains outside of Elko Nv in Lamoille Canyon.  I did not make the time limit and only got 31.6 miles logged that night and day.  The course was all uphill or downhill with a total of 7,723 total uphill gain and 7,582 total downhill.  Very difficult but worth every minute of it, the Rubies are gorgeous.  Will be heading to the Ruby Mountains again in Aug 2022 for redemption and hoping to go further than 31.6 miles.  My third and and by far my favorite accomplishment yet, was 51.66 miles on the trails around Prescott Arizona.  Again, I didn’t make the time limit cutoff and was stopped at the last aid station but did accomplish a personal goal and hit 50 miles.  I was emotional and excited to have seen such beautiful country via my own legs.  I also have accomplished (2) Goggins 4x4x48 Challenges – 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.  All these are fulfilling challenges and also look forward to challenge myself.  

Me Running 36 miles – 2019 Mount Charleston Sawmill Trail

I seek out different races that offer a challenge that climbing is a factor and with great scenic views. My goal is to offer some great races here in my home county, Lincoln County Nevada, that has 5 gorgeous State Parks, great history within the towns, abundance amount of wildlife, and lots of scenic open spaces to explore with every race.

🧩About the name Rocky Road Adventures…. The story behind the name is all about the love I have for “Rocky Road Ice Cream” and it’s also the kinds of roads I love to travel, by foot and by vehicle! 🙂

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